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3D Vase Flower Tree DIY Removable Wall Decal For Living Room-Free Shipping

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$24.99 $14.99

(198 customer reviews)
198 reviews  |  Write a review

Free Shipping


3D Vase Flower Tree DIY Removable Wall Decal For Living Room

  • Material: plastic

  • Size:24 * 80cm/9.4*31.5”

Brand Name





For Tile, For Wall, Window Stickers


3D Sticker


Single-piece Package







198 reviews for 3D Vase Flower Tree DIY Removable Wall Decal For Living Room-Free Shipping

  1. t***t

  2. Z***a

  3. Z***a

  4. I***n

  5. c***e

  6. L***e

  7. Z***s

  8. l***a

  9. L***a

  10. O***e


  11. Y***i

  12. V***z

  13. C***e

  14. S***e

  15. d***h

  16. Z***s

  17. Z***s

  18. R***k

  19. H***n

  20. y***a

  21. M***a

  22. y***z

  23. N***a

  24. t***n

  25. M***j

  26. j***e

  27. F***o

  28. c***a

  29. I***e

  30. A***d

  31. h***n

    Application is so time taking and difficult, but its looks beautiful.

  32. M***o

    i thought was BUMPER Is very hard Put on and broken

  33. K***A

  34. n***h

  35. H***r

  36. g***v

  37. K***e

  38. A***n

    прибыло потаскано slightly, markdown like

  39. J***e

  40. k***k

  41. C***z

  42. B***l

  43. V***e

  44. S***y


  45. I***a

  46. j***j

  47. n***a

  48. i***u

    i just this думала sticker hundreds of pieces of and patience i will see it… glue…

  49. S***n

    Is a poco But place like coming A ROSTER no Is costly super hard. Is More Little thought you I But Is nice.

  50. S***a

  51. j***o

  52. A***v

  53. d***o

    looks like an ordinary sticker 3d effect no. везли the month.

  54. S***M

    arrived in short time, but a little complicated mount

  55. A***r

  56. s***o

  57. a***d

    a bit hardwork but enjoyed pasting it… looks awesome

  58. I***o

  59. r***a

  60. s***a

  61. Z***k

  62. M***a

  63. t***o

  64. s***i

  65. M***u

  66. D***D

  67. N***k

  68. D***a

  69. d***o

  70. m***n

  71. k***i

  72. M***s

  73. a***o

  74. G***a

  75. M***N

  76. B***s

  77. L***o

  78. a***a

  79. l***i

    and very very small but you think is a diy… leaflet for leaflet… there will not know how to paste the wall… though… hope that at least as picture

  80. V***a

  81. M***o

  82. w***a

    no Is like the publicacion, But looks beautiful. demasidas Pieces hamper clothing your installation

  83. S***o

  84. T***a

  85. R***z

    Got my thing Thank u

  86. k***h

    very fast shipping only 9 day

  87. C***s

    it is very pretty it looks like the picture but it’s not vinyl it is sort of like cardboard but everything is labeled everything’s numbered and it should be very easy to put together and that’s good cuz there’s lots of pieces as you can see and it is the color that you see is hot pink is beautiful.

  88. j***s


  89. j***s


  90. A***i

  91. B***.

  92. D***o

  93. K***t

  94. D***X

  95. l***a

  96. m***n

  97. g***o

  98. v***o

  99. B***n

  100. R***z

  101. S***h

  102. S***y


  103. D***a

  104. K***t

  105. A***z

  106. H***r

  107. R***z

    Got my thing Thank u

  108. I***n

  109. S***e

  110. AliExpress Shopper

    Good stickers

  111. K***c

  112. L***t

    soooo nice.

  113. O***a

    Beautiful sticker! The wall was two fuzzy spots from green stuff, was the goal of their hide and she met!

  114. J***s

    it is smaller like on pictures looking… but Im satisfied, looking good, install was about two hours, but succesfull..

  115. V***v

  116. V***v

    Fast delivery, thank you, everything is fine!

  117. K***k

  118. J***a

    thank you.

  119. J***e

    Thank you very much!

  120. i***i

  121. C***a

    The wallpaper glue well ,All great!!! Thank you…, recommend !!!

  122. M***d

    good item

  123. S***l

  124. M***e

  125. S***u

  126. B***v

  127. P***a

  128. m***a

  129. S***y


  130. K***m

  131. E***v

  132. N***a

  133. F***m

  134. N***a

    Very happy! Seller, thank you!!! All advise.

  135. V***a

  136. M***r

    Great product thanks to seller

  137. U***e

  138. M***n

  139. E***a

  140. A***h


  141. S***c

    Beautiful sticker! Thank you.

  142. b***a


  143. J***n


  144. M***o

    It quickly. Not wrinkled, pattern is not the same. Seller recommend.

  145. O***g

    Thanks for the good and fast delivery!

  146. E***a

    Goods come not much mauled

  147. T***a


  148. O***a

    Ordered a friend. It is pretty

  149. t***n

    Fits the description of goods, delivered quickly, thank you

  150. T***r

    Good. Thank you.

  151. p***e

    Beautiful but very fragile and galere a put prevoir time!!!

  152. AliExpress Shopper

    Have instructions and not seem complicated But if they are many Pieces

  153. t***o

    Received, perfect, thank you

  154. A***i

    جميله but معقده

  155. M***a

    Looks nice but small size. Order to paste had to spend 2 hours. Like full-body to a picture. about the package can say that very bad because some items were broken

  156. S***a

    a little beat, but no damage to the leaves. I love it this is my 2nd order. Sticks nice and it’s good color

  157. O***L

    Goods arrived late, When proceedings have been closed. Goods are good but don’t expect that you have the stick each petal. I somehow think that this image is made on the transparent paper. As a result of applique dealt with my kids. AND thanks for that, too

  158. e***v

    Thank You very much.

  159. E***a

    It Is not paper, plastic is thin, looks very cool

  160. V***v


  161. P***h


  162. D***n

    This N …. thought sticker just. and it is a puzzle, had comments further reading, but put 5 stars

  163. M***E

    not as descrited but it’s arrived,

  164. AliExpress Shopper

    It’s for 25 days

  165. H***a

    Thank you, the quality is very good, nice work looks perfectly you success…

  166. L***a

    Cool decor! You Can take advantage of the scheme, and you can own dream up and put a beautiful figure!

  167. O***a


  168. P***r

    the overall picture is super, but the numbering of the segments is inaccurate and the cutting of the parts is inadequate.

  169. M***o

    I didnt imagine, that it will be such puzzle, but it seems good!

  170. r***a

    Goods come on time in good quality

  171. C***a

    Todo correct

  172. V***v

    Going For a month. Not monitored. Do Not crush during transportation. Afraid to print, there is a lot of details)))) had to ask the girl my stick)) once the paste, will add a review. Seller 5 stars.

  173. a***s

    Very good and Q wanted

  174. a***a

    Nice, But arrived in fair condition. Missing some Pieces. Other came without glue.

  175. E***z

    Very complicao mounted Leads your time But Mr Love

  176. o***e

    Emballage abîmée…

  177. S***y


  178. S***N


  179. I***a

    Goods tracking

  180. L***o

    Actually not even rode. And very little thought was much larger

  181. l***e


  182. AliExpress Shopper

    The package is well arrived in good shapes homegrown

  183. Z***e

    Quickly thanks to come to order

  184. AliExpress Shopper

    Arrive bulk strong adhesive to wall

  185. J***o

    It’s all

  186. A***a

    All super, thank you

  187. h***t

    The package arrived and I was very, very pleased. Thanks

  188. R***o


  189. I***a

    Very small, the picture size is much more

  190. M***o


  191. M***a

    puzzle for adults 🙂

  192. c***c

    Nice design..But Small..happy with the product

  193. V***u

    Very high quality and beautiful item!!! Real impression exceeded all expectations!!!

  194. D***v

    Details Of some broken. Hopefully will look beautiful.

  195. O***o

    The product brings a insole to build it as it contains 98 Pieces, the insole is very useful to know before as going to stay on the wall.

  196. K***s

    Buy 8.12 received 16.01
    Come envelope, it have the line and petals. The result was big sticker. To stick will have to spend a lot of time.

  197. J***e


  198. J***a


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