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Cartoon PVC Kids Height Chart Wall Sticker For kids rooms-Free Shipping

Today Sale-34% off!

$28.99 $18.99

(200 customer reviews)
200 reviews  |  Write a review

Material: PVC
Product size: 70*24cm

Free Shipping

Out of stock

SKU: 32833570424 Categories: ,

Cartoon PVC Kids Height Chart Wall Sticker For kids rooms

Material: PVC
Product size: 70*24cm



Brand Name





Single-piece Package




For Wall




Plane Wall Sticker

200 reviews for Cartoon PVC Kids Height Chart Wall Sticker For kids rooms-Free Shipping

  1. A***o

    self-adhesive good, наклеилась easily. packaged goods, помялось no, shipping fast. thank you seller!

  2. L***e

    самоклейкa good. packaged goods, помялось no, shipping fast. thank you seller!

  3. AliExpress Shopper

    приехало помятым slightly, asked beyond that рефанд partial small, which has been satisfied.
    whole all and perfectly. such a piece испортив mail to hard.

  4. J***a

    25.01 sticker 04.01 received заказала as the photo. and i like transparent non slip

  5. M***a

    mo more shipping to 2 months, it снимаю 2 star the rest in all ok, true факту looks more than the photo

  6. AliExpress Shopper

    star minus the packaging, came мятая ((not разгладится alas. so beautiful bright piece came quickly

  7. M***n

    spb дошла sticker to 3. отслеживался track. looking not the weak, and not the whole дошла мятая. picture bright, baby like.

  8. E***a

    stadiometer sticker good. the same сантиметрам разлиновка. sticker помятой little came, but when клеили расправили wardrobe at all. отслеживался order, come but quickly, 2 somewhere.

  9. A***a

    stadiometer lovely. for it did not find more place. later дополню feedback. екатеринбурга дошло week 3 to

  10. K***a

    sticker came quickly, quality is good.

  11. v***e

  12. d***v

  13. E***o

    good stickers. same 2 put снимаю seller what for star though 2 ordered. now what do? same 2 again order?

  14. M***n

    ordinary paper stadiometer. pretty arrived. 12 days

  15. T***a

    super fast parcel came

  16. Y***a

    пришёл folded, not like, or hang to 100 cm or what stature 100 cm autumn not convenient, клеила not more, not know how stick will. stadiometer as a normal! immediately кинули email box this bad, волнуюсь always, заберёт that someone (((

  17. T***a

    thank you!

  18. O***o

    thank you, received the goods, 1,5 m to start with 80 cm stadiometer

  19. M***a

    nice little bright and stadiometer) картиночки дочкой with regard as. show eyeholes, spouts)))

  20. A***v

    came… помятая sticker so and bright, matches the description.

  21. I***a

    шёл my order, and finally шёл пришёл then, гулял almost half month, well oh oh, important, пришёл that, thank you all

  22. T***a

    delivery fast, bright as the picture, very мятая came only

  23. L***a

    all good

  24. K***a

    3 дошло калуги to. точкая film, ростовка starts from 32 cm. понята was, some not убрались bumps.

  25. E***a

    february 15 заказала. march 3 received. this is the fast shipping quality is good. bright. помятое slightly, расправится, наклею when.

  26. G***a

    goods bright, beautiful. заказывала казани january 30 to march 3 received. completely video and photo мятый little come this.

  27. K***a

    described as all

  28. a***a


  29. k***k

    such great item for money) 3 come. well packed, crumple умудрилась alas but russia post (

  30. M***a

    ярославля shipping to 2 weeks. not отслеживался track, put directly into the mailbox. in to seller скручивать you roll, not to. помятое come, заломами field with fold. this film, разгладилось наклеивании when not equal to all. color bright, наклеивается very well. переклеивала several times, not рвётся. all is excellent. thank you very much seller!

  31. T***a

    скручивать fine only in roll to make all creases. отслеживался, week 2 come

  32. V***a

    crimea come in less than a month, stadiometer bright and beautiful

  33. S***a

    заказала 24.02, забрала 10.03 has, shipping fire) folded product was 4 times, помялся whole,… замятости dings and make after stickers

  34. G***h

    about shipping iic month. put in mailbox. stadiometer come. bright, clear. satisfied very purchase, such price for even more. thank you!

  35. J***a

    1,5 month. little помята sticker but наклеила as разгладилась immediately. like it, отклеить that it can remain and no residue. like baby animal bright

  36. R***a

    lovely stadiometer, the baby отходит.

  37. I***a

  38. N***a

    pleased baby and really liked

  39. O***a

    delivery of the month! satisfied commodity

  40. O***i

    standard впятеро arrived folded sticker plastic bag. not that сгибов five помятая and all smooth. do not mind money, penny, mood but been flawed.

  41. Y***A

    stadiometer good.

  42. D***v

    to g. kazan дошло 1 month, all normal, помятая edges with only

  43. v***t

    quickly order arrived, заказала 05.03, 17.03 have received. остлеживался track no. мятый пришёл stadiometer self (visible and will not наклеивании can, after приклею дополню feedback.

  44. N***a

    normal sticker

  45. l***a

    marking is not very clear, better жирафика other

  46. M***a

    very like sticker! came safe and sound. 6 stars ставлю:

  47. K***u

    thank you, come mauled скраю little but nothing страшного. sticker замотана tube, not to помыла camping traveling. i satisfied. thank you

  48. E***a

    sticker cute) baby delighted) thanks to seller

  49. N***a

    well packed 21.03 come 25.02 заказала, track отслеживался not to russia

  50. Z***a

    shipping 3 all like the photo.

  51. R***R

    офигенная item!!! came помятой when, расстроился i. клейке when found наклеечка itself is very thin, and all помятости разгладились wall. lay down or.

  52. A***a

    rb 3 came in. edge slightly погнулись when delivery but it is not scary. all наклеили выпрямилось when. sticker itself is very delicate. наклеилась good. bright pattern

  53. v***m

    for thank fast shipping and seller recommend. communicating and fast умница seller. advise. very satisfied.

  54. f***a

    label on both sides, one from the other meter up, edge to cut to then could also measure, turned meter with picture, just meter figures) picture honey, дочке like, housework тоскала minutes 20)))

  55. R***r

  56. R***a

    , order 3недели walking… казани up, mailbox put in) excellent хорощо… клеиться thank you all the дочки else for order

  57. S***a

    packed all was neat, logjams small but failed to avoid, but it is not воообще critical, this money for this item is very good, satisfied i))) держишься therefore like клёкот until can’t say wallpaper; (

  58. O***a

    thank you very much came package fast enough, all as in the picture).

  59. Z***z

    all like, mail except rf thrust box. and appropriately as достала кое помялось. eh mail, mail (recommend seller. thank you.

  60. V***a

    i do not думала .. so that it small .. 70 cm .. one hand and 32 to 100 scale .. other 101 to 170 in general, pretty good, if not this .. thin ооочень this sticker. even пленочка. .. просвечивают неё through bright wallpaper plus, me not turned the pattern in stock .. suggested seller another. 70 nice basically rub. добралось казани to 1,5 months. not отслеживался track

  61. A***t

    goods come in time, really liked goods quality seller for thank you

  62. J***c

  63. Y***e

    sticker is very beautiful, carefully packed came, not помята. thank you very much! to all!

  64. A***K

    дошел goods within 19 days. packed well. помято slightly, hope but when выпрямится приклеевание. thank you.

  65. a***a

    month nearly sochi шла thrown into the box, your money worth price is what quality seller has not been proposed return our pictures other therefore was сложено помято, клеилось good, no помятости visible, we клеили cleaning the wallpaper, переклеить can easily подростет daughter when the above, to seller thank you

  66. L***a

    for this price super. baby picture. отходят-наклеела wallpaper original. excellent переклеела wardrobe to hold, not отходят. latest and photo wallpaper visible, body is not hold. only straight smooth surface.

  67. K***w


  68. D***k

    севастополь walking in the month. not отслеживался.
    packed was very good: трубочку in rolled, проложен inside and foam cushion помялся респект separate packing because not to.
    whole come. matches the description externally. bright, cool. scale up to 170 cm. вынимали bags of not more, not сентиметров сравнивали fidelity) later отпишусь that as. 5 as a solid. item recommend!))

  69. L***a

    item matches the description. less shipping month. прочитала i bad, думала, there will be more sticker.

  70. V***a

    thanks to seller, all is excellent. baby too. eagle 3 before shipping.

  71. g***m

    it’s all fast, vivid picture as the picture

  72. E***a

    lovely stadiometer, all-match description

  73. m***o

    delivery of the month. 65 брала rub. humdinger excellent for your money. приклеилась обоям to.

  74. L***i

    description is fully compliant with shipping fast. we are satisfied.

  75. K***a

    spb delivery before, little mauled come, but it is not scary, расправится наклеивании when.

  76. A***h

    all super.

  77. A***a

    пришёл item fast, packed well!!!!! i am glad to wall наклеили keeps good)) i заказала glad that this seller!!!!

  78. M***m


  79. E***a

    stadiometer good, bright, thick paper. like as adhesive base, крепить tried until. recommend!

  80. e***a

    came посылочка. thank you so much to seller. you can order no problem.

  81. v***s

    свернуто was good, but was all помято strong

  82. E***a

  83. H***o

    found it was slightly larger, but i’m contentedly sim. the product is good, with colors and designs crisp and yardage in cm and inch. liked very and indico.

  84. t***a

    recommend commodity description is fully compliant with all good

  85. S***a

    colorful stadiometer good, baby really liked. true not on good looking, мятый all come. long shipping, not trackable.

  86. g***p

    about shipping month, received the mail. пакованно for good, no more клеила. feedback дополню then

  87. o***o

    order more шёл month. packed perfectly. not мятый. seller informed pattern is the i chose, it is not. i chose another. all all-match. thanks to seller.

  88. T***a

    помялась sticker a so all standards.

  89. o***a

    good humdinger. the наклеили rack baby like. is every day)

  90. A***a

    went белгород in 22 days. baby all likes))) have not centimeters мерила

  91. E***a

    stadiometer received a month. packed well, помялся slightly, but некритично. клеили have not on the wall, торопит дочка but have) seller recommend

  92. N***a

    good goods растроело is unique, it have already заломами разглаживаются and they are not see photo. and good glued i liked it, glued well from residue will wallpaper washing and furniture from))

  93. o***a

    all super!!!! thanks))))

  94. N***a

  95. A***a

    stadiometer bright, little помялся when delivery hope разгладится. delivery fast, region вологодскую three weeks to less.

  96. T***a

    1,5 month шёл order first order despatching long seller, then wrote that no tiger мною selected change and suggested. normal stadiometer itself, just note it begins with 32 cm left and right with 101, i that’s not обратила attention before because i was almost the same with 80 cm начинался but.

  97. x***x

    like quality good! stickers 69 cm length. from 101 cm to 170 cm! дополню наклею as

  98. E***k

    very thin sticker. came quickly. gregarious seller. put the stadiometer that requested))

  99. g***i

  100. S***n

    beautiful ruler, made with lamination cardboard. smooth printing and beautiful. recommend

  101. E***y

    good goods but it’s all мятое. дрянь packaging!

  102. A***a

    wrinkled only very all is excellent, in roll to seller сворачивать посоветовала anything what!

  103. S***a

    трубочку order come in rolled, but it is not-помялся little critical, quality is good. order. thank you.

  104. A***v

    said have, very cool, but over .. nice money such sticker is made of very fine .. warp from отклеивании when плрваться easily and pe зато, if захочется suddenly shoot with, .. easy отклеится and went month. not отслеживался. seller not consorted. четверку твёрдую item price for

  105. V***o

    order sent 23. 03, received and 13 04. white package. cushion over скручен styrofoam. description in common match

  106. m***m

    picture bright, приклеилась good! happy to measure your height in kindergarten children!)) thank you!

  107. D***v

    arrived mauled that for star one shot
    and general, stadiometer pretty cool.
    glued on the mirror glass very even surface or other no glue.

  108. a***a

    beautiful sticker рулоном folded
    has the seller very communication and responsiveness.

  109. K***a

    it is of a month, помятая all but, minus one star so

  110. K***a

    moscow долговато went up, мятая came, money returned

  111. O***o

    chalkboard sticker. bright colors. слабовата faced adhesive base, but overall perfectly. delivery fast, less moscow to three weeks. приклеили immediately 🙂 поскакал чадо our love to measure your height))

  112. N***a

    shipping within 50 days. пенопластовую завернуто was the tube, size is but tailgating, помялось edges with, creases and mid. not likely разгладится. i think this and expect when следовало.

  113. V***a

    stadiometer good. description all-match. with tape measure division. намотано platen & foam to come individually wrapped, not помялось. заказала different, seller but it is out of stock, to choose different pattern, but like this baby. numbers go along the left to 100, and the right of 100 to 170 cm. it is not very convenient, numbers that the two sides i наклеила повесила board and the wall different повешу 100 number перерастёт baby and when. delivery of the month. item recommend.

  114. M***a

    more package ехала month. quality is good, small but itself.

  115. e***a

    fully compliant with the description, is not convenient 32 cm begins with little odd

  116. И***н

    if package donot отслуживалась, раскрытой came, cheer замяты, not said the post bad all…

  117. A***a

    it. very мятом, hope разгладится-glue’ll that once.

  118. v***a

  119. P***v

    1.03, shipping 5.03. to track отслеживался border. taken away tule mail to 10.04 (средненько). packaging plain, poster трубочку was in rolled, but клеили until 🙁 замялся slightly equal to try on the wall. общались not the seller.

  120. M***a

    removable thin. bright, match cm. recommend!

  121. s***s

    ростомером satisfied. month arrived. well packed, cushion on намотан, помялся. complies with seller photo. thanks to seller.

  122. l***m

    long shipping, packed well, not пришёл мятый, good glued

  123. n***n

  124. A***r

    rolled пришёл stadiometer roll roller foam has been in the middle, specific no damage, small помятины, hope клейке разгладится. shipping fast.

  125. L***a

    3 заказала ростомера. 1 come the seller message reacted promptly. other 2 checked ростомера. have been in transit. both received little later. satisfied overall. like ростомеры. рекоменлую

  126. A***a

    пришёл month. помято slightly.

  127. M***V

  128. A***a

    dented шёл and slightly long, picture but bright. are all money such for

  129. S***a

    sticker itself is very good. problem with packaging! измятой strong came, seller but was ready to replace. honest seller so i recommend this store.

  130. M***a

    via mail received the order, after placing the order. all likes.

  131. E***a

    picture bright, only shortcomings wrinkled edges, please to seller: “styrofoam roller, just slightly longer ламывайте, will not be мяться edge.”

  132. A***a

    stadiometer and good)

  133. M***n

    easy separation line slightly. 32 cm left to 100 cm, right of 101 to 170 cm. flat cut not possible продуманнее could be in

  134. S***a

    such stadiometer for normal. тоненькая oilcloth, glued good. pattern vivid, baby like. long shipping, half month, track not trackable.

  135. E***a

    sticker 1 meter. normal. мятая slightly. fast shipping

  136. e***a

    stadiometer normal. i do not only that when you order note обратила scale нарисована dual, ie either the 0 to 100 101 cm or …..

  137. E***o

    шёл order 1 month, folded course, see наклеим when. seller not общались!

  138. A***v

    all like the picture. packaging is good. delivery 2 month хакасию! very long. immediately put mailbox

  139. y***a

    it is not more well packed клеили поже выложу photo

  140. A***a

    всём satisfied, like daughter, разодрала has!!!

  141. E***r

    stadiometer and positive very bright, order only satisfied iron believe us to help them but nothing помялся little) where the month.

  142. D***k

    perfectly. it’s not помятое!!! хорошое quality. recommend.

  143. k***a

    color bright. seller packed very, came помятая so.

  144. I***a

    more шла package month, not отслеживался track, написала but when the seller and reply immediately came send it through a pair of. excellent and excellent seller!

  145. A***y

    good quality. клеется easy, onto any flat surface. also remove easily. marking the left right 32-100 and 101-170.

  146. E***a

    as photo seller. only wallpaper липнет bad, to strengthen гвоздиками.

  147. A***a

    us годится height 75 cm, допросили we not more, match with ruler bright as picture and

  148. T***a

    думала less than i… quality is not very… 4, flat smooth and not stick out. отслеживался order.

  149. T***a

    stadiometer come from 80 cm. now that baby good 82 cm, if the order half year, it have no sense. rub not more than 73 quality gave like. 1,5 month. if package donot отслеживалась.

  150. h***h


  151. A***a

    received the order. material: paper (me dislikes). общалась not the seller.

  152. B***n

    stadiometer wonderful. right on cabinet приклеили боковину on working without level. very convenient;))

  153. m***m

    exquisite packaging only, all мятое as use this? (((

  154. Н***а

    заказывала february 25, seller sent march 5, chinese new year was as. only in china отслеживался track. march 8 flew to russia. very long lying on the customs. travel order 60 days. разобралась glue as quickly. like sticker, сыночку especially, quality is excellent. клеили on the cabinet. satisfied commodity. recommend. recommend seller. has always been to seller. if one is not want to the long waiting, платную choose the shipping, come and order then quickly.

  155. y***a

    for stadiometer брала 66р. free shipping was. шёл order 1,5 month, отслеживался track no. packaging is good. stickers i do not like the quality. paper thin, заломах whole in, трещинах. glued easily. but to make creases, not разгладились. chose other делала when order sticker. seller wrote, it is not in stock, although and suggested to choose other перечеркнута still has not been sticker. the overall пойдёт such price, bought shop but like.

  156. A***t

    it’s all fast!!! carefully packed. наклеечки excellent. feedback after дополню stickers)

  157. A***a

    ростовка begins with 80 cm, looks very on the wall

  158. M***a

    long but good quality. height 80 cm starts from the picture only, 101 cm пришёл.

  159. O***a

    2x more stadiometer walking. packaging is complete, but due to трубочку stack in his, помялся it all. and it does not glued on the wall. clear and vivid picture

  160. I***a

    very long, 2th about. gregarious seller, posted to all questions. bad but packed, in just swerved трубочку foam piece on and put in the package, stadiometer mauled come. picture bright. nowhere наклеивали while, tk. awaited покп подарили us another.

  161. C***y

    good, but very slim

  162. Y***a

  163. e***a

    ооооочень walking long! 2,5 month! on намотанный пришёл cushion. so so quality!! тоненькая пленочка! really is ростомере lines have.

  164. Z***a

    beautiful, colorful sticker. baby like stadiometer. thanks to seller.

  165. D***v

    дегег value goods. for брали 66руб. dress up шёл long помялся little transit, but when наклеели разгладились pleat all. responsible seller. recommend

  166. A***a

    beautiful, накручен was the foam-no сгибов to cleverly!!!! smooth bright!

  167. O***a

  168. e***e

    went 1,5 month, match quality. overall is normal.

  169. V***a

    помята slightly. after sticking but, расправится hope. strange weighting scale. ends one hand and it starts from the bottom to “meter”, the other side starts from “m” to 170 hang… as? if baby fast-bottom перерастет. if above, the pattern is too high will will not baby and interesting ((.-повешу добавлю photo.

  170. M***a

    иркутск via ribbon came in half month. from запакована. but помялась. small nice, as gift. in total despatching and long seller not turned the more pictures, like i. to change. so all and regulations.

  171. V***L

    itself is poster sticker (goods film, so do not tear resistant). unique starts from 80 cm, not fit us more (((. satisfied commodity.

  172. L***a

    continuously despatching продлевал long and protection

  173. O***k

    2 months краснодарский edge. stands still tracking and ‘country покинуло item. but still помялось свернуто was. not critical. общалась not the seller. color such as заказывала. very тоненькая sticker. tape обклеивать содрал baby not to have

  174. J***a

    very long, little пришёл мятый

  175. y***y

  176. Т***а

    nearly 2 months to replace glued шла starts number on sides different clear. 32 cm or 50 cm tipo floor.

  177. J***a

    after to long-exquisite protection on a dispute, come here and!

  178. N***a

    standards, long ооочень went

  179. K***o

    very thin sticker keeps bad, in half month crimea

  180. A***n

    all sort of fine. star minus the packaging. мятое it all.

  181. D***a

    good quality, really liked! свёрнуты come, расстроилась first, мятое that, all наклеила then perfect!

  182. L***a

    went very long. me selected as отсутствовала sticker, choose to another.

  183. R***n

    очень долгая доставка, шла два месяца, не отслеживалась, думала уже прийдет. немного помялась.

  184. A***a

    наклейка пришла за 2 месяца. брала за 65 рублей. качество неплохое, но наклейка очень сильно тонкая. клеится легко. размер от 80 см до 150 см. клеить надо на расстоянии 80 см от пола.

  185. E***v

    Закащ шёл несколько месяцев. Открыл спор, т.к. подошла к концу защита покупателя. Деньги вернули. И вдруг товар пришел. Полностью соответствует описанию, товар хороший, но была проблема с доставкой.

  186. E***a

  187. n***n

    Well packed, but vseravno hesitated. One month delivery

  188. R***i

  189. r***a

    Order came, but not okuraten, wrinkled, but beautiful, had them in a tube roll to hesitated

  190. N***a

    Long Service. The Rest Is not bad, all match

  191. O***a

    It’s a little wrinkled, hope can smooth

  192. Z***a

    Ruler is very narrow and short, paper is very thin. Also it could be packed better, as it came all crumpled.

  193. A***a

  194. M***r

    It’s badly dented, as well as all the photo seller

  195. A***a

    A Little crumpled measuring board, with measuring tape marking is the same.

  196. J***o

    Dear seller! Better pack goods! Come all crumpled measuring board, with stickers room were visible. Because it looks not very.

  197. A***a

  198. S***a

    Goods come back but the money

  199. P***a

    Fully consistent with the description, it’s safe and sound))

  200. R***a

    Thank you

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This is a static CMS block edited from admin panel. You can insert any content here. ×
This is a static CMS block edited from admin panel. You can insert any content here. ×