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large paper Flower Vine Wall sticker-Free Shipping

Today Sale-40% off!

$24.99 $14.99

(198 customer reviews)
198 reviews  |  Write a review

Material: plastic

Size:24 * 80cm/9.4*31.5”

Free Shipping


large paper Flower Vine Wall decor

Material: plastic

Size:24 * 80cm/9.4*31.5”







Brand Name



3D Sticker


Single-piece Package


For Wall





198 reviews for large paper Flower Vine Wall sticker-Free Shipping

  1. AliExpress Shopper

  2. N***a

  3. l***h

  4. c***c

  5. i***n

  6. Z***a

    really liked black number slightly перепутаны items, but it nonsense, they are easy to drawing for chosed

  7. M***a

  8. k***o

  9. v***o

  10. M***y

  11. E***n

  12. a***e

    very srtrange,all need to paint

  13. y***y

  14. A***o

  15. S***a

  16. I***a

  17. v***n

  18. l***a

  19. s***s

    it’s all whole. приклеивола until.

  20. T***o

  21. J***a

  22. r***v

  23. a***e

  24. L***a

    very beautiful, though very heavy first out. class turns up but

  25. b***a

  26. M***a

    february 1, received february 8, fantastic! pile of small parts, no more клеила. all like in place, color is very nice.

  27. T***o

  28. V***s

  29. v***v

  30. o***a

  31. M***a

  32. R***e

  33. O***a

    cute thing, поломанная has come unfortunately. returned money, therefore have claims.
    обращаю, it is not sticker. adhesive on plastic composition объёмную more like

  34. A***s

    Looks good.

  35. J***s

  36. P***r

  37. A***v

  38. d***g

    just as described but not very big as illustrated

  39. V***v

  40. L***a

  41. o***o

    of course for this price super, there are some small problem etc.. прорезаны bad items, general but looks cool! мегабыстрая also shipping, slightly larger sochi to two weeks!

  42. H***d

  43. L***N

  44. R***i

  45. E***m

  46. n***n

  47. J***P

  48. N***a

  49. Z***r

    at Szép jóval kisebb mint a képen látható.
    Hamarabb ideért mint gondoltam. Sajnos a postal hibájából tovább tartott míg hozzám került.

  50. o***y

  51. s***a

  52. o***o

  53. m***a


  54. A***i

    am comandat pe 28.03 si a sosit coletul pe 04.05 (5 saptamani). foarte dragut.

  55. M***l

    Nice thank you

  56. D***v

  57. i***i

  58. e***a

  59. E***a

  60. L***a

  61. l***n

  62. H***s

  63. I***a

    красивый,но маленький

  64. V***a

  65. a***v

    хороший времоубийца

  66. n***a

  67. C***k

    Excellent, j’aime bien! Merci!

  68. G***l

  69. A***y

  70. M***y

  71. S***u

  72. e***a

  73. B***m

  74. S***n

  75. I***h

  76. M***s

  77. G***a

  78. a***w

  79. K***a

  80. M***t

  81. M***a

  82. S***o

    The product has arrived in 9 days to Guipúzcoa. Thought for put it would be like a sticker to stick with a transfer easily But not is well. We have to stick with tape on the corners a insole folio with each section numbered so that, wake remove the paper you can paste the relevant piece, something rare… We Will See if it looks. In the second image is the insole and the bits in the paperboard.

  83. A***E

    Perfect Stickers, Recommend 5 + + + + + ☆☆☆☆☆

  84. z***a

    everything was broken up into small pieces 🙁

  85. v***m

    Not specified size, the picture more, and many small parts, and beautiful.

  86. m***v


  87. l***h


  88. A***a

    Ordered goods 10 Jul) Came in Karelia for 20 days, pleasantly surprised.))) thought comes as a simple, large sticker was puzzle, But it is not a problem) seller Thank you)))

  89. A***v

    Paste will not quite simple. But the price is very low. Applique plump, about 1mm

  90. E***v

    Not thinking. That is bullshit. Tinker. Shipping long. Shipping too.

  91. M***a

    Made of plastic material. Very nice recommend

  92. AliExpress Shopper

    Fast shipping. A lot of small parts, we will collect puzzle and cultivate patience.

  93. S***a

    Very small parts. Puzzle. Is gather. Less. than the picture. The description is not accurate. And in general,. Beautiful decorative thing. Later. When paste’ll post photo

  94. N***a

    Delivery fast. A very nice but …… Sooooo laborious. It is awful. The Parts are so small and there are many, that is, to collect at least one, it took almost 1,5 hours. Very thin walls, and the material is very fragile. Parts poloho punched and break.

  95. v***a

    Superrrrr!!!! Recommend!!!!!

  96. I***s

    Not just them from соединенить some broken eventually happened pretty shook that small size such as the photo.

  97. O***a

    It’s all very quickly, but the flowers many broken.

  98. e***a

    Super!!! Thank you very much.

  99. V***a

    Length 80 cm.

  100. H***d

    Very beautiful flower book is 4 looks very impressive

  101. A***a

    General super all, just have patience

  102. S***s

    I loved it, bought 2 and has been beautiful

  103. n***y

    Very pretty but very small Measurement about 1/2 door

  104. T***y

    Jól néz Ki, The kisebb mint a képeken.

  105. c***a

    Very beautiful

  106. M***k

    Very beautiful اتت بسرعه to my thank

  107. AliExpress Shopper


  108. I***a

    Everything is fine, but the гиморойно glue, lesson skillful hands

  109. A***e

    Its torn

  110. M***a

    Fast delivery! 2 hours need in order to reproduce the picture, in general, but small if there was more, it would be more interesting… For some reason did not have two parts, maybe lost somewhere adhered, but the output found… of residues made missing components

  111. M***a

    Beautiful stickers. Recommend!!!

  112. n***a

    Very well decorates a wall. Thank you

  113. n***a

    Sticker looks smaller than the picture. Stencil is available, but a lot of fine detail. But think everything will be fine.

  114. N***E

    great !!!!

  115. I***a

    Thank You, is not glued

  116. AliExpress Shopper

    The sticker, and work on the stencil, is not fast

  117. J***a

    Not the same as the picture, a fraction. Had a shaman.

  118. Y***a

    Good sticker! Height 80 cm. Width 25sm. Thank you!

  119. V***G

    Come in three weeks. Put in your inbox. An interesting thing, Bulk. True size is smaller than the picture

  120. A***P

    Thank you product today arrived and just fine

  121. N***a

    Thank you very much, flower wonderful

  122. I***a

    Make product unexpectedly quickly, put in the box. Not monitored. Smaller than the picture, but nice too.

  123. P***v

    Fast shipping. There is a template. Very convenient to paste.

  124. A***o

    Cute sticker

  125. J***a

    is it small

  126. K***m

    As described, haven’t used it yet. Looks good

  127. AliExpress Shopper

    Get fast in the photo are two United

  128. T***a

    Very fast delivery. In Canada it’s the new mail

  129. Y***a

    Much smaller than the picture

  130. A***l

    Bad Punched Parts as of cut the if have not really know they are small Hoping to get something)))

  131. A***a

    Заеб …. camping stick, dreary

  132. S***v

    Came garbage bag, will understand

  133. R***d

    Very beautiful and colorful sticker. Really have to tinker with it, there is a template-maybe it will simplify the task. Delivery fast, took only 2 weeks. Although the track is not monitored.

  134. C***x

    Small parts bad come off

  135. V***a

    Opravdu velmi rychlé doručení, stoprocentní spokojenost. Díky.

  136. S***v

    Fast shipping. There is a template. Very convenient to paste.

  137. S***d


  138. M***i

    Very pretty but very long to ask LOL. No regret good quality rendering is gorgeous

  139. AliExpress Shopper

    Looks good

  140. N***n


  141. S***h

    still didnt use it but it looks nice

  142. n***c

    great , to instal ned 4 hr

  143. m***m

    A great product.

  144. G***i

    Arrived pretty quick. Well packed. Looks nice. Pictures are misleading. Actual hight is around 100cm. Very labor intensive.

  145. M***o


  146. AliExpress Shopper

    The Order does not come. A dispute, money back. Thank You Very Much.

  147. E***s

    Order 4 pieces, all intact, as will gather will add a review

  148. AliExpress Shopper

    Received. Very hard to glue.

  149. P***w

    Nice and found cheapest here 🙂

  150. AliExpress Shopper

    Unfortunately mine was broken when it arrived. I don’t know if that was post office mistake or sellers. It could be better pakced. looks nice.

  151. L***k

    Goods came a well. The seller is not responsible. Stencil is not full, it is bad, hope understand, went for a long time, request to extend protection seller ignored, had a dispute, closed the debate as the goods come. Shall not buy in this store.

  152. b***e

    A little deçu greatness I the voyai’s largest seen photos

  153. M***o

    Apart from the spent researching this time, the result was great!

  154. v***v


  155. A***a

    Very beautiful)

  156. A***i

    Hard to paste. But look awesome

  157. n***a

    Order not come!!! Return money!!!

  158. z***s

    Laukiau ilgai.

  159. E***n

    Good quality

  160. c***e

    Much smaller than the picture, and the color is different. but it’s been sound effect anyway

  161. E***.

    Cool stuff

  162. V***o


  163. p***p

    Beautiful picture now we Kitchen beautiful Thank you very much you we are happy advise buying….

  164. B***e

    It’s smaller than the picture, but i still love it , its pretty. Thanks you much.

  165. v***z

    All Perfect. Thanks.

  166. v***o

    ETOGES pancake DESIGNER!!! Be Fine face it will add Review

  167. K***a

    Well, all good, thank you!

  168. D***v

    It would be a bigger size.

  169. L***o

    In 2 times smaller than the picture, but nice. The material is like a plastic, not just a label

  170. O***k

    Priyshlo 10 dnіv. Sticking zaynyala to 4 Godin. Viyshlo суперово. Recommend.

  171. Y***o

    All good) lacked not which detalek, but in general all the great work. thanks to the recommended)

  172. i***v

    Delivery month, everything is OK. But is not stuck.

  173. i***a

    Looks beautiful. Apply-write.

  174. E***v

    A pair of stickers cracked, but that’s okay. Collect The dreary)))

  175. A***v

    A few cracked parts. The template so stamped tsyfry. That is not possible see where a number. AND all beautiful picture. And height of resunka 80 cm.

  176. I***J

    very difficult to stick it .The numbers are confusing. It costs at least 90 minutes to gather the pieces .Yet it’s nice

  177. A***z

    AND really to love that ^. ^///Recommend
    A little hard was naklejać wall but in the end the failed and I am satisfied with the result. Adhesive trzymający stickers is reliable (by chance askew przykleiłam one petal and wishing improve odeszła from wall sticker together paint). Recommend

  178. E***d

    be careful it is diy and smaller than picture!

  179. J***k

    All is super! Thank You)

  180. I***o

    All good, the size is much smaller than the photo.

  181. A***y

    Order came quickly, it is not clear, we will understand

  182. f***t

    I have only do

  183. S***v

    It’s safe and sound.
    Stencil, instruction and stickers. Shipping less than a month. We will try to stick.

  184. N***a

    Sticker beautiful course, but have it Tinker, came a month before Novgorod Region)

  185. H***o

    Thank You Very Much. Everything Is good.

  186. A***j

    Though i received the item in a bit scattered condition, the main pieces didn’t get damaged only the extra supporting pieces are being broken. Would have prefered if seller packed the item in a bit more secure manner.. Anyways looks excellent on the wall..

  187. S***v

    Nakleika sostoit iz melkix detalei, kak budu klejit-ne znaju. Trafaret na ves risunok iz bumagi c nomerami detalei, vsio okuratno-detalki pronumerovany

  188. L***z

    I don’t like cuz I couldn’t do it I threw it on the trash

  189. R***n

    a lot of work but i think it will be great

  190. W***a

    Through different photo medium small but beautiful

  191. K***a

    Everything OK, recommend.

  192. AliExpress Shopper

    Shipping for over a month in PK.

  193. N***a

    It’s safe, parts not big, but pattern long until nakleyala, thank you, recommend

  194. A***a

    Goods delivered even before the appointed time. Sending happy.

  195. A***h

    beautiful but it’s pieces are very small, it’s like a puzzle

  196. AliExpress Shopper

    PERFECT !!!

  197. J***s

    Exactly as picture.. Very fast shipping!! Thank you very much! Unfortunally i can not take a photo!

  198. J***j


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This is a static CMS block edited from admin panel. You can insert any content here. ×
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